New Flaps gauge and N1 selectors

A new handmade flap gauge is now replacing my old gauge. The new one is from Tom, who runs the Tom provided all the help and drawings to fit it into the MIP. He can make them custom to fit any circumstance within the Module. If you are searching for a Gauge set or a single one, he should be definitely contacted.

When I had the middle MIP panel removed I took the chance to replace the dummy switches for the N1 settings with functional switches now, all are connected to the Pokey57E card. Normally this are rotary encoders combined with switches. The switch sets the function, the rotary encoder the value. Therefore I will use 2 rotary encoders and connect them to the glare lightning panel.

Also the Backlight was included now in the MIP panel. Therefore the Autobrake Indicator had to be replaced due to light reflections from the panel.

To reduce the light that exits the panel I covered the edges with an black adhesive tape.

Looks better now.


Captains Chrono

On the chrono for the MIP I had a lot ideas during the years. On top of the list there was always the Opencockpits clock – it is still there, but I was also thinking of an 5″ Monitor solution. Therefore I would have needed the 5″ monitor, a PC with a free VGA output [which I didn’t have] – or a USB VGA module and a VGA to RCA adapter to feed the 5″ monitor. So I found a cheaper solution. I bought a 8″ Windows 10 tablet on Gearbest (for around 80€) and placed it behind the MIP. With Teamviewer I can access the tablet, as it is running Windows 10 you can run also the Prosim Display Application with the Chrono to be displayed. In the MIP I have the push buttons installed and connected to the PoKey 57E Ethernet card. So the plan — 🙂

But it seems to be a little harder to get this done. Continue reading “Captains Chrono”

EICAS Buttons

After some time I started to work on some small parts again – I have started working to implement the lower EICAS push buttons for ENG and SYS in the MIP Panel. Those were never assembled since I started the MIP in 2010. BUT, to get this started, first the EICAS plate must be removed from the cockpit, that was not possible, because all the cables were connected directly to the Joystick and LED cards. So first I had to built in some Sub D connectors to make it unplug-able.
Then I thought it would be a simple and quick solution with the 4 switches 🙂 🙂 Haha, it turned out to be more sophisticated.
I had to take a print plate and attach the 4 push buttons on it.
Then the plexiglass needed to be removed in a way that it will not break, so I drilled some 10mm holes into it and the print plate will be fixed on 2 points with screws and the other part with a super glue to hold that together.

The buttons will be backlit and connected to a Joystick card to have it available in ProSim.
Current it is not finished as I want also to add a background light for the flaps gauge.

Update: 31.10.2016

The PoKey57E card arrivied today and was built into the MIP, behind the Captains Panel. I had to add a second self built GND card, as PoKey cards only have 3 GND connectors for possible 51 switch inputs. This card was mounted next to the PoKey card.


The programming of the PoKey card is very easy. Only assign an IP Address (or leave DHCP) and enable PoKey driver in Prosim. As soon as you push a button Prosim will recognize this. Very cool and saves USB slots 🙂

And here a picture of the finished EICAS buttons.


MCP changed

I changed my MCP from a v2 to a v3 from Opencockpits, as a guy sold a nice v3 MCP. The v3 has some new features that are very useful:

  • fully backlit (warm white)
  • SPD_INTV:Pushbutton speed intervention (not available in V2)
  • IAS/MACH: It shows the selected speed and warnings of excess or lack of speed (no warnings available in V2)
  • BANK SELECTOR: Pressing it select the maximum angle of roll or bank angle (not available in V2)
  • ALT_INT: Pushbutton of altitude intervention (not available in V2)
  • Indicator of CPT Flight Director armed (CPT F/D, no available in V2)
  • Indicator of FO Flight Director armed (FO F/D, no available in V2).

I changed the 7 segment digits from my v2, as they were white with the v3 ones.

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As the v3 version is a non box version I had to slightly modify the Glareshield to be able hold the new MCP.IMG_20160525_152324_copy

Therefore I am now selling my v2 MCP. If you are interested, drop be a short message.


This is the first modification done in 2016. Back in 2015 I bought an used and modified EFIS to be built into the First Officer side.

Now I had the time to built it into the cockpit. Sounds simple, took nearly 2 hours… Because I had to modify the First Officer’s six pack section, this needed to be cut. But to cut it, it had to be unmounted and the wires needed to be soldered to a connector to allow unmounting from the glareshield.

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MCP and EFIS upgraded

Yesterday the MCP and the EFIS (both from Opencockpits) received a major upgrade.
New knobs were placed on them from Alvaro from Peru.

They look fantastic.

2015-11-01 19.43.17

2015-11-01 22.22.38

And finally the MCP got a real backlight. I took some 5m LED strip from ebay, they are cutable and placed one on the top and one on the bottom of the cover.

A little they are shining through, but this won’t disturb you in the Flightdeck. If it’s disturbing, I can also cover this with a black tape. But current I will leave it as is.

2015-11-01 22.37.18

1st Officer 6 pack built in

Today I have managed to build in the hardware for the 1st office 6 pack and the master warning as well as the fire warning. (Thanks to my dad 🙂 ).

2014-12-30 19.44.26

This was the last update for 2014. In 2015 I will start wiring the indicators and switches to make it functional.

Also I will start with the aft. overhead panel and on the to do list there is also a possible migration to the Prepar3D simulator.

As well as to finish the seat and the shell. So as you can see a nicely planned 2015 will land soon 🙂

I wish you all the best for 2015!