Mediterranean Tour 2018 – Leg 17 – Treviso [LIPH] to Pescara [LIBP]

The 17th flight takes us in a very stormy weather out of Treviso down south to Pescara.

Enjoy the flying around the thunderstorms.

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Maps generated by the Great Circle Mapper – copyright © Karl L. Swartz.

Mediterranean Tour 2018 – Leg 15 – Dubrovnik [LDDU] to Ancona [LIPY]

The 15th flight is a single pilot flight. It takes us back to the Italy to Ancona.

It is mixed real time and timelapse mode.

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Maps generated by the Great Circle Mapper – copyright © Karl L. Swartz.

Mediterranean Tour 2018 – Leg 14 – Bodrum [LTFE] to Dubrovnik [LDDU]

The next flight of the tour brings us back to the European mainland to Croatia. We will fly the nice circling approach to Dubrovnik.

It is mixed real time and timelapse mode.

Here a screenshot from the Navigraph Approach Chart from the cycling.

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Maps generated by the Great Circle Mapper – copyright © Karl L. Swartz.

Monthly maintenance plan

During the last year I have developed a maintenance plan for the PCs and their config.

It consists of the following items.

  • Update of GSX
  • Update of Navigraph AIRAC for all the tools
    • Prosim737
    • PFPX
    • Topcat
    • Prosim PSU
    • ActiveSky
  • Update the Image via AOMEI Backupper (freeware)to the main machine from the C: drive
  • Update the Image via AOMEI Backupper (freeware) to the main machine of the P3D Folder
  • Execute my Backup Script
    • This script will copy all configuration data from Prosim modules (the .ini files) from all PCs, my SIOC codes, as well as the FSUIPC config from P3D and some other important files to the NAS system.

Once a month I execute this steps to keep the backup updated.

Mediterranean Tour Update LGSK-LGRP-LCLK-LGSM

And the Airbus Tour continues to some nice airports.

We leave Skiathos fly to Rhodos, Larnaca and back to Samos, with its very interesting approach.

LGSK[Skiathos] – LGRP [Rhodos]

Boarding and loading up in Skiathos

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Intercom System Setup

A lot thoughts for a lot of cockpit builders is going into the Intercom System. There are some very good and very real easy to use replicas available. Seems the best out there is the one from Ruscool.

Most of the time I am flying alone in my flightdeck, therefore I don’t need those more expensive solutions. I tested and figured the following solution for me. It’s working, its simple and its cheap – although its not 100 percent real.

First I have to explain my setup a little. I have one PC running vpilot and handles the communication to the VATSIM ATC. On this machine there are 2 headsets connected. Each one has a separate USB Soundcard, where the 2 3.5mm connections are connected. In the windows system config the configuration is made that the loopback device from the captains mic is the first officer headset and vice versa. So everytime the captain speaks the first officer will hear him. Not perfect, but it’s working. If you want stop transmitting to the intercom, you can disable the mic input via a switch on the Plantronics GameCom 388 Headset. Sounds simple? It is 🙂 As I sayed not perfect, but its working and sounds quite real.

Configuration of Captains Mic
Configuration of First Officer Mic

Mediterranean Tour Update LIRN-LICC-LGSK

It became a little quiet about my Mediterranean Tour, because of the mentioned points in the last post.

I have continued now flying on my second Flight Simulator PC, which is running FSX. I flew there some legs with the A319/A320 and A321 to get also a little more experience in the Airbus System Logic.

Here are some pictures from my flights.

Boarding at LIRN

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Hardware issue on PFD machine

After a 2 month brake I started all the PCs for a system check and update sequence today. After half an hour the PFD pc went dark. I rebooted the machine and as soon as the windows logo appears it shuts down again. I thought of an HDD first, but it happened on different times. My next guess was one of the USB connected devices. So I unplugged all 8 devices and rebooted, same effect. I took the HDD drive out and installed it on a same spare machine, there all was working. So I decided to switch the machines. During unplugging the graphic card I noticed that the CPU cooler was not fully in place.

So this was my issue as well. The machine overheated and shut down itself. After inspecting the cooler I noticed that the clips on the cooler were broken and therefore the cooler was not tight on the CPU anymore.

Destroyed cooler clips

I continued with the replacement of the graphic card and USB PCI card and started the machine. All was working again.

So I ordered on eBay some spare parts for the cooler clips to have a backup PC ready again in a few weeks.