Nordic Tour – Leg 2 – Hamburg [EDDH] to Oslo [ENGM]

Continuing the Nordic Tour. During the last weeks I have learned the MD82, the superb study level aircraft from Leonardo. Therefore I was continuing the tour up north to Oslo.

Boarding completed
Takeoff from runway 33

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Wet Compass upgrade

During the last year’s I have used this wet Compass solution.

Now I found the post of René on the Prosim forum explaining how he is interfacing his own built wet Compass. Quite simple to be honest. Take an Arduino board (eg. this one on Amazon) and his own built compass, it’s nearly plug and play.

The Arduino board is converted to a mobiflight board with the firmware modification. Required software can be found here.

I have mounted the wet compass in its position and as there are also LEDs included I connected them to the responsible switch. Quite nice product.

Thanks René. Get with him in touch trough the Prosim Forum to get an price with shipping to your country.

Shipping was absolutely fine and René is very fast in responding and providing the asked information. I can recommend this product if you are looking for a wet Compass solution.

GSX menue on lower EICAS

A long time I have searched how to move the gsx menue away from the curved projection screen for convenience. Now I found a solution hinted in the Prosim forum. A simple lua script from Pete Dowson is the solution. This lua script generates all kind of stuff on another machine via WideFS. You can select between Weather updates, all text, all menus etc. So I tried it and this is the result.

Via the FMC and ProsimUtils you can control the GSX menue and now the menue is displayed as an overlay on the lower EICAS.

The only drawback is the you have to start WideFS on this machine as the last software to allow the overlay. This needed some adoption of my startup routine on this machine. But finally the captain and the first officer can see and interact with the menue. Sadly it’s not touchable, as my lower EICAS is a touchscreen.

Mediterranean Tour 2018 – Leg 21 the final flight – Rome [LIRF] to Venice [LIPZ]

This is the 21st and last leg of our Mediterranean Tour 2018. It takes us back north to Venice.

We started the tour back in March 2018 and we have visited a lot of great airports with some challenging approaches and weather conditions.

Our total block time was 22 hours and 06 minutes, we traveled 6459 nm, which are 11.962 km. We burned 53.4 tons of fuel during our tour.

I hope you have enjoyed it as well as I / we did. The next tour is already in planning 😉

Here you can see all videos in the playlist.

Some legs where flown with other aircraft, therefore no videos are available, but you will find all blog entries here.

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