Dual Chronos

Years ago I have built in a small 7“ tablet to the captains Chrono side and during the replacement of the wet compass I moved the screen to the first officer side, but was never satisfied and searched for another solution. Now I found one. I purchased 2 small HDMI screens

which are now fitted in the back of the MIP

and are connected via HDMI to the machines, running now separate instances of the Chrono screens and are fully independent useable.


New PC setup

5 years ago I upgraded to a new PC. Now it was time again to do the same

the new machine consists of:

  • i5-10600KF
  • 32GB RAM
  • Gigabyte Z490 Gaming X Motherboard
  • 480GB SSD for the Win10 OS
  • 1TB WD Blue NVMe SSD for P3Dv5
  • GTX1080 from the old PC to upgrade in the near future to an RTX2080

The “old” PC will replace the vpilot PC and the streaming PC, if it is capable of doing both.

I also changed the other PCs around and streamlined the configuration and therefore reduced 1 machine.

Gauge updated

Finally I updated all Gauges to the perfect custom built gauges by Tom from customsimpart. They look really fine.

The Cabin Temp gauge was the most horrific to be installed. Due to my wood frame construction form the overhead a lot of wood has to be removed to fit the gauge into. It was a mess…

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Also I installed the valve gauge and the missing brake pressure gauge in the First Officer MIP. All gauges are connected to an 18 port pololu servo card and configured in ProSim.


And the final situation

Building a 737-800 Homecockpit [OE-LNJ]