Yoke delivered

After a couple of months in production the Yoke was delivered from Pedro.


I have added the Clipboard from Agronn, purchased from Aviationmegastore. The clipboard fits nicely to the Yoke.

The yoke was moved into the Captains position, the old yoke was now mounted in the first office side.


Next on the list is to finish the seats and than to add background lights to the MIP and the push buttons for the lower EICAS, which are stored since 2009 in the box.

Yoke update

In one of my last posts I spoke about Yokes. After weeks of research and thinking I decided me for a yoke from Pedro from Simujabs. The order was placed now and I will provide here further updates.

(c) Simujabs – Captains Yoke

Pedro is also developing a clipboard and is in the final phase. For this I will wait until my Yoke is finished production and will see which product I will pick.
Opencockpits has one by themselves, I have to check if this will fit with Pedros yoke.
The Agronn Clipboard is working with Pedos Yoke, this was confirmed by some persons.

Yoke research

Current I am in the phase of searching for a Yoke. The last part that makes the Homecockpit complete.
I am not in the need of a dual link yoke system, as 95% of the flights are done alone.
I have found a nice comparison of the yokes, that are available on the market. http://www.my737ng.com/what-the-yoke/
Only the Opencockpits one is missing, so I created a new one, removed the PFC and added the Opencockpits.

FeaturesSimujabsOpencockpitsAGRONN ACE
Cost inkl. Shipping to Austria1003€ (direct from Pedro)1364€ (direct from Opencockpits)1896€ (via Aviationmegastore)1621€ (via Aviationmegastore)
Country of productionSpainSpainTurkeyCanada
Yoke MaterialFiberglass ResinResinAluminiumAluminium
Yoke FinishPaintedPaintedPowder-coatedPowder-coated
Yoke Rotation Limit~180°~180°~180°~90°
Yoke Neutral Position0° Vertical0° Vertical7° Forward0° Vertical
PTT SwitchSingleSingleSingle Two-WaySingle
Column FinishPowder-coatedPaintedPowder-coatedPowder-coated
Tension LoadingSpringSpringGas-DamperGas-Damper
SensorsPotentiometersPotentiometersHall EffectPotentiometers
Clipboard IncludedNoNoYesYes
Letteringalready attachedstickers includedLaser EngravedSilk Screened
Real Aircraft ButtonsNoNoYesNo
Yoke Position Units Labelalready attachedstickers includedYesYes
WebsiteSimujabs YokeOpencockpits YokeAviationmegastoreAviationmegastore

I will continue my research during the summer. The goal is to have a decision late August / early September.

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