Faulty Joystick card

During the wiring of the throttle quadrant I noticed, that the analog inputs are jumping.

First I thought of FSUIPC mis-calibration, but together with Pete Dowson (the programmer of FSUIPC) we figured out, that the BU0836X card must be defect.

I tried to rewire one analog input to another card – there it’s working.

I have contacted Leo Bodnar now, and waiting for a reply to change the defective one with another new card, as the defective was bought back in end of January 2012.

Throttle maintenance completed

Last week we have finished the maintenance of the throttle. The servos were also built in as well as all cover were reattached.

During the weekend I have wired the throttle and re-wired the pedestal (there were too short cables built in). The whole saturday I spent with soldering the wires…

On Sunday I was able to put the parts together and connect it to my machine. I ran into an issue, that the new controller card (the 6thΒ BU0836X card) has got the same id as an existing one in PROSIM. So I had to change all the settings in PROSIM and FSUIPC, this took me 3 hours πŸ™

I strugled with the servos. I need to find a solution how the servos get unpowered as soon as the AT disengage is pressed.

I keep you updated and will post some videos once it’s working.


Back to Servos

During the last days we tried to get the motor with the clutch working to move the throttle levelers.
Sadly we had to accept that this won’t work as the clutch is too sensitive and would take away too much power so that’s not powerfull enough to move the throttles…

So we decided to move back to plan A. Servos. We successfully installed the servos yesterday and will finish them tomorrow.

I will update the post with some videos and photos once I have them created πŸ™‚

Throttle maintenance

We figured out a slight mechanical problem when we want to start motorizing the throttle.

So we started to disassemble the throttle until we found and fixed the issue.


When we had dismounted the throttle to 90% we found the issue. Some bolts where wrong in their length.

We will change those faulty bolts and assemble it back again. Then we can start with the motors and programming.


I have now a Throttle πŸ™‚ It arrived today per mail.

I saw the Throttle in a forum, that it will be sold. It is based on the Simparts Kit. Currently its non-motorized, but I want to motorize the throttle with an Opencockpits DC-Motor USB Card as well as some DC-Motors.

It will take a while to have it fully functional, but when it’s finished it will be great πŸ™‚

Of course I will start again to update the blog more frequently as we are starting to work on the Throttle.

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