Update of Fuel panel

3 years ago I have started a retrofit to my now 10 years old overhead panel. I continued now with the fuel panel, therefore it had to be cut of all of the wiring and rewire it to add backlight and a new gauge from Tom customsimparts.com.

Half backlight done
Backside of the panel
fully integrated panel

Another step for more reality 🙂

Next on the plan: The power Source Panel with an updated APU gauge.

10 years of Cockpit Building

Today,10 years ago, I finished the work on the first LED lights.

From there – the Overhead in small.

Overhead mockup in small

via this:

Homecockpit v1 from 2010 to 2013

to here – a full size fixed simulator.

Homecockpit v2 – started 2014. Picture from October 2018

During the 10 years of building I learnt a lot, especially that behind of those are always computers and software which can and will always have issues. Broken CPU coolers, crashed HDDs, performance issues with the application, network issues, etc.

But, if all is working as it should be, it all makes huge fun to run such a simulator. In the last 3 years I was more focused on getting things “as real as it gets”. So I invested a lot of my time to record, cut and edit cabin announcements to make them sound good in my setup.

A lot of thanks goes to my father, without him and his knowledge of building and forming wood, it would not be possible. Danke Papa 🙂

I created a short video which takes us through 10 years of cockpit building.


Wet Compass upgrade

During the last year’s I have used this wet Compass solution.

Now I found the post of René on the Prosim forum explaining how he is interfacing his own built wet Compass. Quite simple to be honest. Take an Arduino board (eg. this one on Amazon) and his own built compass, it’s nearly plug and play.

The Arduino board is converted to a mobiflight board with the firmware modification. Required software can be found here.

I have mounted the wet compass in its position and as there are also LEDs included I connected them to the responsible switch. Quite nice product.

Thanks René. Get with him in touch trough the Prosim Forum to get an price with shipping to your country.

Shipping was absolutely fine and René is very fast in responding and providing the asked information. I can recommend this product if you are looking for a wet Compass solution.

VACC Austria Realops event. Rotation LOWW-EDDM-LOWW

On June 9th the Realops Event took place in Vienna. Therefore you could book Real Time slots from this day schedule from the Vienna airport. Outbound and Inbound. The event was hosted for the 10th anniversary of VACC Austria. Happy Birthday, again!
I flew a rotation for austrian virtual from LOWW to EDDM as OS117L and back to Vienna as OS118C

Pressurization Gauge and Backlight for the panel

During the last days of March I also modified the module with the pressurization gauge. Until now I didn’t had a working pressurization gauge (dual needle), I found the one from Tom on customsimparts.com. Like the Flap gauge, a very good quality and price. This one was made as a customization, as the default size would not fit into the Opencockpits Overhead panel.

Again, I took the chance and installed a 9 pin connector for the module to be easily unplugged and removed. The 3 Servos as well as the 12V for the background light were connected to separate connectors.

To have it fit into my handmade overhead structure, I had to cut a hole into the acryl glass.

It looks really good now.

First time I also created a video to see how much work it is to get a very simple panel backlit. I made 2 versions, the original 1:1 length and a 3 minutes time-lapse version.


FWD Overhead update – Part 2

The next in line was the pressurization panel. Therefore I counted first how many connections would be needed. I will need a 25pin, 15 pin and a 9 pin connector to cover all LEDs, switches and backlight for this panel. Wow.

Greatfully I had help from my dad and we started on one evening with cutting, numbering all wires and connecting them to the connectors. Due to not so good lighting we stopped this after the 14 LED wires and a couple of switches and decided to continue one week later as it got very late….

Module in the Overhead

During this time I have reworked the panel itself. All LED connections and switches were rewired and Backlight Lighting was installed.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In another night session for nearly 3 hours, we managed to wire the remaining connectors and reinstall the module. About 1.5 hour was dedicated for error searching and solving…

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It looks really great in the overhead now.

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FWD Overhead update – Part 1

I have accomplished an update of the FWD Overhead. As Opencockpits is providing a set with the nice light grey plates for some sections I have upgraded them now.
Part 1 was simple. It included the HYD Pump panel. Looks very nice now.
The next panels – Fuel, Bleed and Generators – will be more complicated. Those need to be fitted as well with connectors as I am planning to add to all modules.
Also the LED boxes need to be removed and there for need to be re-soldered in the back. Will be tricky and will take longer than this one.


first retrofitted overhead module

This weekend the first Overhead section module was retrofitted with backlight and a connector to allow to be easily removed from the overhead structure.

During the work the servo from the gauge got damaged, because a cable was wrong connected 🙁 But, it could be easily changed so that the “inop” sticker could be removed quickly.
All switches and controls are functional now.