Throttle maintenance

We figured out a slight mechanical problem when we want to start motorizing the throttle.

So we started to disassemble the throttle until we found and fixed the issue.


When we had dismounted the throttle to 90% we found the issue. Some bolts where wrong in their length.

We will change those faulty bolts and assemble it back again. Then we can start with the motors and programming.

4 thoughts on “Throttle maintenance”

  1. Do you still make 737 throttle quadrants? I build 737 throttle quadrants out of wood and I am having a hard time assembling the 737 throttle quadrant. Are you still available? Can you please try to send me instructions for the 737 throttle quadrant?

  2. Hi, sorry but I never received instructions with the throttle. I bought it second hand and it was pre-fitted. I only disassembled it carefully to understand how it worked and fixed one misalignment on one screw length.

  3. Hi. Do you have any suggestions for building you 737 throttle? Any Instructions, ideas, or anything for building the 737 throttle Quadrant? Thank you!

  4. Sorry, I don’t. I purchased mine second hand as I was also unable to find some serious information on throttle building.

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