Yoke research

Current I am in the phase of searching for a Yoke. The last part that makes the Homecockpit complete.
I am not in the need of a dual link yoke system, as 95% of the flights are done alone.
I have found a nice comparison of the yokes, that are available on the market. http://www.my737ng.com/what-the-yoke/
Only the Opencockpits one is missing, so I created a new one, removed the PFC and added the Opencockpits.

FeaturesSimujabsOpencockpitsAGRONN ACE
Cost inkl. Shipping to Austria1003€ (direct from Pedro)1364€ (direct from Opencockpits)1896€ (via Aviationmegastore)1621€ (via Aviationmegastore)
Country of productionSpainSpainTurkeyCanada
Yoke MaterialFiberglass ResinResinAluminiumAluminium
Yoke FinishPaintedPaintedPowder-coatedPowder-coated
Yoke Rotation Limit~180°~180°~180°~90°
Yoke Neutral Position0° Vertical0° Vertical7° Forward0° Vertical
PTT SwitchSingleSingleSingle Two-WaySingle
Column FinishPowder-coatedPaintedPowder-coatedPowder-coated
Tension LoadingSpringSpringGas-DamperGas-Damper
SensorsPotentiometersPotentiometersHall EffectPotentiometers
Clipboard IncludedNoNoYesYes
Letteringalready attachedstickers includedLaser EngravedSilk Screened
Real Aircraft ButtonsNoNoYesNo
Yoke Position Units Labelalready attachedstickers includedYesYes
WebsiteSimujabs YokeOpencockpits YokeAviationmegastoreAviationmegastore

I will continue my research during the summer. The goal is to have a decision late August / early September.

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