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I changed my MCP from a v2 to a v3 from Opencockpits, as a guy sold a nice v3 MCP. The v3 has some new features that are very useful:

  • fully backlit (warm white)
  • SPD_INTV:Pushbutton speed intervention (not available in V2)
  • IAS/MACH: It shows the selected speed and warnings of excess or lack of speed (no warnings available in V2)
  • BANK SELECTOR: Pressing it select the maximum angle of roll or bank angle (not available in V2)
  • ALT_INT: Pushbutton of altitude intervention (not available in V2)
  • Indicator of CPT Flight Director armed (CPT F/D, no available in V2)
  • Indicator of FO Flight Director armed (FO F/D, no available in V2).

I changed the 7 segment digits from my v2, as they were white with the v3 ones.

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As the v3 version is a non box version I had to slightly modify the Glareshield to be able hold the new MCP.IMG_20160525_152324_copy

Therefore I am now selling my v2 MCP. If you are interested, drop be a short message.

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