Captains Side – Master Caution, Fire Warning & Six Pack

I got my hands on a 2nd hand Master Caution and Fire Warning button as well as a six pack for the captains side from Opencockpits.

For those to get installed the whole captains side panel had to be replaced. It was replaced as reworked with some additional details and painted in black instead of grey.

Placement after drilling

Then it was painted in black.

Now it was time to make the connections, but sadly the LEDs from the sixpack wont show up… I checked and double checked it. No mistake. As the modules are from Opencockpits the V+ is 5V. Pokeys is only delivering 3.3V. 🙁 So I tested it with 5V directly and it was working. Now I needed a plan for a Pokeys connection.
My plan was to buy an eight relay module which are working with Pokeys – I already have one relay in place with my strobe card.

After connecting and powering on, the result looks very good and I am happy with it.

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