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Since a couple of years I owned the 737 Cockpit Companion from Bill Bulfer.

I searched for a second hand FMC Guide from Bill Bulfer also a couple of years. Now I found an good edition. It covers all menues and handling from the FMC. I already knew 70% (I would guess 😉 ) Now I can search for additional information and get a deeper knowledge of the areas.


Nordic Tour – Leg 17 – Copenhagen [EKCH] to Vienna [LOWW]

This is the final leg of our Nordic Tour. We flown it again in the Homecockpit.

You will notice some INOP stickers, there the Prosim Display app on the recording PC froze and I didn’t noticed. Sorry for that.

Here the link to the photo Album of all flights in this tour.

SimSounds as new body shaker source

During the last weeks a new payware Addons was released. It’s called SimSounds from Thomas, from the Prosim Forum.

It covers a wide variety of bass shaker sounds like turbulence, touchdown sounds, flaps vibrations and a lot more. It also covers customized cabin announcements, but this part I do no use at this time, as I have my highly customized cabin sounds that are flawless working with Prosim AFAS.

You can check out a 30 days demo of the Simsounds here.

GSX Interaction now on iPad

Some weeks ago I have reported on my blog a solution to manage the GSX interactions. A couple days later a new free addon (from Simon Kneller) for ProSim came out which can handle as well the GSX menues. It’s called EFC737 and can be downloaded here. With running the server application on the ProSim737 machine it will communicate between ProSim and GSX. The GUI is covered by an iPad App, also called EFC737.

With that I can handle now all the GSX instructions from the iPad with in the flightdeck. It’s also handling all the door settings accoridng the GSX requirement. So you don’t need to open and close doors any more from the flightdeck, as in real life.

Really fine app, thanks Simon.

Nordic Tour – Leg 9 – Kiruna [ESNQ] to Borlänge [ESSD] – final post for this tour

This time we continue further with the MD82 from Austrian. We expect snow at our destination.

The weather forecast shows an interesting flight and approach into Borlänge.

our parked MD-82 at Kiruna
boarding in progress

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Nordic Tour – Leg 8 – Longyearben [ENSB] to Kiruna [ESNQ]

For this flight I jumped back in my homecockpit. So today you will see a video of the flight down to Kiruna.


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