Fire handles – Part 1

Via the Prosim Forum I found a nice guy in Netherlands who is selling fire handle replicas for the Boeing 737. I bought one set.

Not a week later I had them delivered. They look nice and include also the 9 white LEDs.

2015-07-09 13.01.19

Before ordering we figured out a way to get them mounted on the Opencockpits panel.

The 3 LEDs will be wired in parallel to be connected to an OC LED Output card.

2015-07-13 22.27.11

Also the other LEDs on the Fire Panel will be rewired to reflect the ProSim logic.

Next part will be published when the firehandles are installed – this may take some time during the next weeks.

Radios with SIOC and ProSim

During the last days I have switched the SIOC Radio modules to the fabilous ProSim SIOC script from Gert.

You can download the config files and instructions from here.

With this script the Displays will go to blank when no battery power will be available.

I have made a small in simple additional configuration in ProSim:

Add the variable “Var 6415” which is “name adf1_stb” into the Prosim config tab “Analog – Radio freq input ADF2”.

As soon as I turn the knobs to change the frequency those exact turned frequency will be available to Prosim ADF2.

So I have with one physical ADF unit the possibility to simulate 2 ADF units.


Also I made some additional improvement of realism. My original Boeing Audio Control panels are now working with ProSim natively as well, instead of tons of SIOC scripts. AND πŸ™‚ the potentiometers in the switched Marker, NAV1, NAV2 and ADF1 are now connected to ProSim as well. Therefore I can now change volume of the audio from the corresponding sounds direct and smooth from my Audio Control Panel.


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ProSim Utils and ACARS printer

Today I have managed to get my ACARS printer finally working. With the use of the great freeware tool called ProSimUtils from Humberto.

You can download it here, in the ProSim Forum.

The software itself is quite simple to configure. You need a login code from Hoppie, you can get it here.

In conjunction with Topcat you can make all the calculation from Topcat for Takeoff and landing within the CDU in your cockpit. And finally you can print the report on your ACARS printer.

It looks like this:

Acars_Print_Topcat - Copy

Make sure you have on your ProSim Server machine the printer installed (either connected or connected from a network share) as ProSim handles the printing from the server application.

ACARS thermal printer arrived

Updated the arcticle on 6.12.2011.

Yesterday I have picked up my newest addition from the Fedex Base on the airport.

My ACARS printer has arrivied πŸ™‚

I started connecting the printer to my PFD machine as well as the power to my ATX power supply (5v).

I have installed the printer drivers to the Windows 7 32 bit machine and started a testprint (video will follow). Β And it worked. Β Some letters are hard to read, but thats because the 5V is maybe too low. Another cockpitbuilder connected the same device to 7V and the printing experience was better, so I will try this during the next days.

You need to connect only the +12V and +5V to the printer and therefore you will operate the printer with +7V. – as you can find it here. <– That won’t work for the USB printer version. You will need a seperate Power Supply which is capable of 7.5 – 8.5V and 15W. All other won’t work correct.

After I have bought and connected a sperate power supply the test printing was very fine πŸ™‚


Than I ran into a new issue. I knew that there are only 32bit drivers available, but my main FS machine is operating a 64bit OS from Windows 7. I tried to connect via network share to the 32bit machine, but it won’t work, because I need the missing 64bit drivers.

So I started a research and found that the newest version from pdfcreator is capable of running a server mode, which means the 64bit machine will print to a PDF printer share from pdfcreator. The program will generate a local .pdf file and reprints this again to the local installed thermal printer. I haven’t tried this right now, but it should work, in theory πŸ˜‰ <– it’s working. You will see a photo pf metar for LOWS printed from Win64bit machine.

Detailed instructions on getting the printer working you will be able to find it here.

Read the full article for a detailed configuration of PDFCreator.

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