Pedestal started

Today I have started to work on the pedestal.

This will be the main pedestal “box”.

And this structure will hold later on the fire control panel.

It is planned to continue on Thurdsday to build in the holding compartments for the modules and when it’s time enough to start painting in RAL9002 the first time.

Update will be posted for sure 🙂 Stay tuned.

Pedestal Status

Today I can give you some more details to my pedestal project.

I have ordered the following parts and their are already on the way to me. Hopefully they will arrive during next week.

The modules are: 1x WXR Panel

1x Cargo Fire Panel

2x Audio Panel

as soon as they are in my hands I can start planning “the box” around.

Furhtermore the following parts will be ordered in the near future: 1x NAV, 1x COM and Fire Panel for the pedestal. This will give me a full operational pedestal. The ADF unit will be a little bit later also the 2nd COM and NAV unit will be bought later.

Some Photos will be posted as soon I have the hardware with me.