A long while ago I read from bodyshaker, didn’t know what this will be.

Now a couple of years later I have ordered one via Ebay from Germany (link) and tried it with my small amplifier, which I am using for the ATC audio.

2015-06-23 12.31.00

I can’t show any videos right now, because I have to mount it on the seat and verifiy how the cable would be the best idea to wire, but I can tell you thats *AMAZING*.

I am using the FSPS Cockpit Sounds (now freeware) to generate the shaker effects.

Those include current:

  • Speedbrake wind vibrations
  • Flaps wind vibration
  • Gear dump vibration
  • Gear wind vibration
  • Gear RPM bumps (the faster you roll the more its shaking)
  • Turbulence simulation (from ProSim Audio)

Once the speaker is built into the cockpit I can make a video, maybe the vibrations of the seat can be visualized.

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