ATC COM speakers

I started working also on an old long idea. To have the ATC COM in the cockpit from above instead of normal desktop speakers.

My requirements:

  • switchable between headset and speaker
  • adjust the volume
  • cheap and simple

after a little research I found a cheap and simple solution for my needs.

I purchased via Amazon a small car HiFi amplifier, hooked it up to a 12V/2A power supply and connected my USB Soundcard as an input device.

The round speakers were purchased from ebay and built into the overhead next to the lights.

Later the amplifier will be build into the captains side wall then it will be possible to change also the volume from the ATC.

Via the pedestal I can switch between the two configurations: Headset only or Headset and Speaker Output (I have made a video some years ago).

This makes it very convenient during the flight phases.


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