Shell planking started

Yesterday we have started with the planks of the cockpit shell. We also have built two small racks where the rear speakers are hosted.

2014-12-11 13.26.30

We also included a light switch on the outside. With this switch it will be able to switch the dome light on when you enter the cockpit. You can switch it off with the switch located in the aft overhead.

2014-12-11 19.01.07

Also we continued with the shell building and mounted the light panels. In a couple of days in those panels I will build in the ATC speakers (a separate post on this topic will follow as soon as it is finished)

2014-12-11 19.00.47

2014-12-11 19.01.16

Last but not least, we started on the Captain seat. Also there I will post a separate story when I can show you the progress.

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Building a 737-800 Homecockpit [OE-LNJ]