Overhead Kit

Last week i have received the Overhead 3D kit from opencockpits.

I have unpacked all single sections and put them togehter just for a photo.

I also received the Servo card and started programming the gauges via SIOC. APU Start and cooldown as well as the vertical speed is already working.

For the fuel temperature i have to play a little around during the next weeks.

Status report

I have now the full test setup working. Programmed all in SIOC and using FSUIPC macros.

  • Ground Power
  • Generator 1 & 2
  • Engine Valve 1
  • Engine Low Pressure 1 & 2
  • Wing Antiice
  • Engine Antiice
  • Ram Door 1&2 (depending if we are on ground or in the air)
  • Window Heat (1st part)

The following is missing:

  • APU Availble light – done
  • APU Maint. light – done

But hopefully this isn’t a big issue. (<– it wasn’t 😉 )

The next steps i will continue when the delivery from Opencockpits was made. The are waiting for some engraved LED caps. If they are here i will start to manage the FUEL section.

SIOC Programming

Yesterday i spent 4 hours (including 1,5 with my wife, thanks alot:-) )to get the following running:

If Aircraft on ground and Engine is running, than one LED should go on.
If the Engines are off the LED should be off.

If the Aircraft is in the Air, the LED should be off, except if the Flapstatus is >0 than the led should be again on.

But we were not able to get this working. Hopfully someone in the OC Forum can help us… I will post the results here.

Building a 737-800 Homecockpit [OE-LNJ]