Structure building

Today we have started building the structure for the overhead-wall mouting.

This was our material 6x 3m long and 34mmx50mm dimension

This was the finished product:

Also the second side was finished. Between those 2 structures the Overhead will be mounted.

Status report

I can share 2 new pictures this weekend. Nearly all switches and indicators are wired. 5 are missing, but they will be done during next week.
I also configured the complete overhead with the Prosim737 Software. At this time I only have 1 USBOutput Card from Opencockpits so I had to disconnect some indicators, but this will change in the near future.
I also connected one servo to display the APU Start, its working great.
The next steps will be to get an LCD Display working to show up all the voltages and amps.

Here a detailed shot on the Fuel and Generator section with all inicators during a light test.

And the complete overhead.

Overhead Kit

Last week i have received the Overhead 3D kit from opencockpits.

I have unpacked all single sections and put them togehter just for a photo.

I also received the Servo card and started programming the gauges via SIOC. APU Start and cooldown as well as the vertical speed is already working.

For the fuel temperature i have to play a little around during the next weeks.

Building a test setup

Yesterday i built a test setup with some LEDs (see picture) to start the logic programming of the PMDG Overhead.

The following FSUIPC offsets will be used to control the status:

  • ENG 1 & Eng 2 shutdown / running
  • Parking brake on/off
  • Oil pressure Eng1 & Eng 2
  • Flap status
  • Aircraft on groung / in the air

Next step:

  • Take the test setup active. The Power Supply will be an ATX Computer Power Supply
  • Programming the first scripts
Building a 737-800 Homecockpit [OE-LNJ]