Status report

I have now the full test setup working. Programmed all in SIOC and using FSUIPC macros.

  • Ground Power
  • Generator 1 & 2
  • Engine Valve 1
  • Engine Low Pressure 1 & 2
  • Wing Antiice
  • Engine Antiice
  • Ram Door 1&2 (depending if we are on ground or in the air)
  • Window Heat (1st part)

The following is missing:

  • APU Availble light – done
  • APU Maint. light – done

But hopefully this isn’t a big issue. (<– it wasn’t 😉 )

The next steps i will continue when the delivery from Opencockpits was made. The are waiting for some engraved LED caps. If they are here i will start to manage the FUEL section.

Building a 737-800 Homecockpit [OE-LNJ]