Nordic Tour – Leg 17 – Copenhagen [EKCH] to Vienna [LOWW]

This is the final leg of our Nordic Tour. We flown it again in the Homecockpit.

You will notice some INOP stickers, there the Prosim Display app on the recording PC froze and I didn’t noticed. Sorry for that.

Here the link to the photo Album of all flights in this tour.

Nordic Tour – Leg 9 – Kiruna [ESNQ] to Borlänge [ESSD] – final post for this tour

This time we continue further with the MD82 from Austrian. We expect snow at our destination.

The weather forecast shows an interesting flight and approach into Borlänge.

our parked MD-82 at Kiruna
boarding in progress

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Nordic Tour – Leg 8 – Longyearben [ENSB] to Kiruna [ESNQ]

For this flight I jumped back in my homecockpit. So today you will see a video of the flight down to Kiruna.


flagimages free available from 
Maps generated by the Great Circle Mapper – copyright © Karl L. Swartz.

Nordic Tour – Leg 6 – Sorvag [EKVG] to Tromso [ENTC]

I had to adopt the tour and needed to remove Jan Mayen [ENJA], because of our virtual airline tour system deployment. Of course this trip was also not flyable with the flightdeck.


Today we are flying from Sorvag to Tromso, again in the MD82.

boarding in heavy rain

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Nordic Tour – Leg 3 – Oslo [ENGM] to Aalborg [EKYT]

And the next leg on our nordic tour. Again sorry for not flying in my flightdeck, but the handling of the MD82 is just lovely 🙂 So much manual work compared to the 737NG.

pushback in Oslo

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Nordic Tour – Leg 2 – Hamburg [EDDH] to Oslo [ENGM]

Continuing the Nordic Tour. During the last weeks I have learned the MD82, the superb study level aircraft from Leonardo. Therefore I was continuing the tour up north to Oslo.

Boarding completed
Takeoff from runway 33

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Building a 737-800 Homecockpit [OE-LNJ]