Nordic Tour – Leg 9 – Kiruna [ESNQ] to Borlänge [ESSD] – final post for this tour

This time we continue further with the MD82 from Austrian. We expect snow at our destination.

The weather forecast shows an interesting flight and approach into Borlänge.

our parked MD-82 at Kiruna
boarding in progress

boarding in progress
deicing work
lined up in Kiruna
Roaring down the runway
Climbing out of Kiruna
enjoying the sunrise
cruising over Sweden
turn for final approach
Final approach during the snow fall
runway in sight
Re-capturing the glide slope
Thrust reversers working
taxi to the parking position
the small apron
deboarding completed
look at those effects. When you have ice building up on the wings.

This was also the final post for this tour, as I decided to continue the tour not in the Homecockpit, as there is some maintenance ongoingand the posts are clearly not related to the 737 Homecockpit.

I created an album here, if you are interested to watch the rest of the tour.

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