Turbulence Sounds with Body Shaker

Together with Michael from Germany and Benny I realized a longer project part on the list.


Now, thanks to Benny, we have a .dll file which reads the actual Turbulence data out of the API from Activesky 2016. With a .lua script and manual created sounds we are feeding Prosim and Prosim Audio with random shaking sounds. Each Sound file is 1 second long and changes every second randomly, so you will not hear a sound twice.

The turbulence can be none, light, moderate, heavy and severe. With the turbulence now the flight feeling is more accurate and makes really fun to fly.

You can download the files here(DLL and Info) and here (Sound files, .LUA file and short description) – [from Michaels Google Drive share]. They are provided as is with no support or guarantee that they are running on your system as well.

The file contains the DLL file, which can be copied to any folder you want. In the DLL.XML file you have to enable this dll file. Make sure to have it set below FSUIPC or you will get an error message from the Simulator when starting.
The .lua script can be copied to any available WideFS folder of a client PC. It will be instantly available.

In Prosim you need to create for each sound effect 5 entries.
In the Prosim Gate configuration you need the enter the correct addresses.
If those addresses are already in use, you need to adpot this manually in the .LUA script and Prosim.

Make sure your Turbulence % value is set to 40 in AS16, or the script will not work as expected.

Update 2018: Since P3Dv4 is 64 Bit, the DLL file will not work anymore. Therefore Pete Dowson has also implemented this into FSUIPC. You can check the FSUIPC Changes Manual.

Additional offsets are provided for additional weather information provided by the recent versions of Active Sky. These are:
8638 Ambient turbulence at aircraft (0-1000), 32-bit float
863C Exported ambient visibility (metres), 32-bit float (-ve if not supported)
8640 Exported precipitation type (0 none, 1 rain, 2 snow, 3 hail), 8-bit integer (Byte)
8641 Exported precipitation rate (0-4), 8-bit integer (Byte)
8642 In cloud flag (non-zero if aircraft is in cloud), Byte.

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