FWD Overhead update – Part 2

The next in line was the pressurization panel. Therefore I counted first how many connections would be needed. I will need a 25pin, 15 pin and a 9 pin connector to cover all LEDs, switches and backlight for this panel. Wow.

Greatfully I had help from my dad and we started on one evening with cutting, numbering all wires and connecting them to the connectors. Due to not so good lighting we stopped this after the 14 LED wires and a couple of switches and decided to continue one week later as it got very late….

Module in the Overhead

During this time I have reworked the panel itself. All LED connections and switches were rewired and Backlight Lighting was installed.

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In another night session for nearly 3 hours, we managed to wire the remaining connectors and reinstall the module. About 1.5 hour was dedicated for error searching and solving…

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It looks really great in the overhead now.

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