Monthly maintenance plan

During the last year I have developed a maintenance plan for the PCs and their config.

It consists of the following items.

  • Update of GSX
  • Update of Navigraph AIRAC for all the tools
    • Prosim737
    • PFPX
    • Topcat
    • Prosim PSU
    • ActiveSky
  • Update the Image via AOMEI Backupper (freeware)to the main machine from the C: drive
  • Update the Image via AOMEI Backupper (freeware) to the main machine of the P3D Folder
  • Execute my Backup Script
    • This script will copy all configuration data from Prosim modules (the .ini files) from all PCs, my SIOC codes, as well as the FSUIPC config from P3D and some other important files to the NAS system.

Once a month I execute this steps to keep the backup updated.

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