Mediterranean Tour Update LGSK-LGRP-LCLK-LGSM

And the Airbus Tour continues to some nice airports.

We leave Skiathos fly to Rhodos, Larnaca and back to Samos, with its very interesting approach.

LGSK[Skiathos] – LGRP [Rhodos]

Boarding and loading up in Skiathos

Rolling in Skiathos
Leaving Skiathos behind us
Arrivial into Rhodos


Landed in Rhodos

LGRP [Rhodos] – LCLK [Larnaca]

Changed to an A319
Departing Rhodos
Overflying Larnaca airport for the approach
On the final to Larnaca
Thrust reverser working to slow down
Taxi to Gate

LCLK [Larnaca] – LGSM [Samos]

Boarding in Larnaca
Takeoff in Larnaca
Takeoff in Larnaca
270° turn
Overflying the airport
Overflying Rhodos airport at FL360
descend into Samos
Wing view
Final turn to Samos
deboarding in Samos

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