Strobe Lights – Test Build

Yes, you are reading correct. Strobe lights. Not in the Sim, no, this we have, I mean strobe light in real.

Michael made a prototype of the strobe lights. Basically its simple, as a base we took a DIY tool from a Conrad which fully includes all required parts.

The only thing you need to plug in is a 12V power supply. Then you have strobe lights 🙂 Ok, not all done now, because the strobes in the flightdeck are only visable in clouds and in the night near the ground. So Michael made a .lua file which reads some inputs and writes a FSUIPC variable. This variable will trigger through ProSim a gate on the PoKeys card. This is connected to a simple relays and furthermore to the strobe card. This is not working as expected, as PoKeys can not connect direct with relays, you need an additional card to get this working. This card is current in delivery.

I will update a post when the module is built in and finished in programming.

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