Tiller, Captain Sidewall and Shell lifting

Today we have started on the captain sidewall.

We figured out that it won’t be easy to build this because I havn’t thought about this one in the planning of the shell… So basically we have not the required space that we would need to fit the sidewalls. But the whole structure can not be changed anymore and we have to live with that.

We will figure out a compromise of reality and what we can build…

So far we got the following:

2015-02-24 19.36.19

2015-02-24 19.36.31

The tiller will be removed and the plate will be replaced as it is not good enough to stay in the cockpit. Current the tiller is mounted just for testing.

Also we lifted the whole construction of the overhead 4 cm higher to archive more space between the glareshield and the overhead. The error happened in the year 2009 when we built the MIP. There we didn’t stuck to the measurements from markuspilot.com and an error was included in the MIP size. It is 3cm to high. When we started in late 2014 the shell we havn’t measured the MIP and we started withe the real measurements from the manual. Also there we made a 1.5cm mistake that will sum up to 4.5cm smaller view out of the front window.

This error was corrected now and looks like this:

We took also the structure that we used to lift as our above window line. Not 100% accurate but I can live with that.

2015-02-24 16.28.05


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