RAAS 2.0 released

An update is available for RAAS (Runway Awareness and Advisory System for FSX/FS9)

According to the changelog there were some features added

1. Approaching Runway : Delays between callouts are reduced.
2. On Runway : Delays between callouts are reduced.
3. Takeoff Flaps : Minimum takeoff flaps can be set in “FsRaas.ini”.
4. Extended Hold On Runway : Implemented. Maximum hold time can be set in “FsRaas.ini”.
5. Short Runway Takeoff : Added. Minimum takeoff runway length can be set in “FsRaas.ini”.
6. Distance Remaining (Rejected Takeoff) : This callout is made only during braking, not during taking-off.
7. Taxiway Takeoff : Repeated callout is made when accelerating > 40kts again after reducing speed < 40kts.
8. Short Runway Landing : Added. Minimum landing runway length can be set in “FsRaas.ini”.
9. Distance Remaining : Distance unit can be set in “FsRaas.ini”. (in Feet or in Meters)
10. Landing Flaps : Added. Minimum landing flaps can be set in “FsRaas.ini”.
11. Too High : Added. This callout is made when descent angle > 4.5 deg.
12. Too Fast : Added. Maximum approach ground speed can be set in “FsRaas.ini”.
13. Unstable : Added.
14. Landing Report : Added.

You will find the download at Avsim’s library.

One thought on “RAAS 2.0 released”

  1. Thanks for the update Markus. I’ve been using RAAS2 since it was released and enjoy the program. A good add-on to have in my opinion that does not affect frames or anything else – it just works. Cheers

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