RAAS System – Freeware application

Today I found an application that was introducing by Boeing and Honeywell within the Alaska Boeing 737NG Fleet.

Its called RAAS – Runway Awareness and Advisory System.

You can download the application here.

I have prepared a short video for you:

Attention: In the current version 1.1 I only got it working when executing on the main FS machine. Via WideFS I got no sounds played. I already mailed the programmer and waiting for feedback.

Direct Download Link


2 thoughts on “RAAS System – Freeware application”

  1. Hi Markus

    I don’t seem to be able to find a download for this add on, despite visiting the site. Is it a free addon or a paid add on? Can you please post a link to the download section (if it is available). Thank you, Iain

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