minor updates

During the last days I have did some minor updates work.

– The newest release of SimAvionics was tested, because the 1.155 release had a new calculating function for the autopilot built it, what didn’t worked quite well with my setup as well as some other pilots. Mark improved this now and will release the reworked version soon.

– I have noticed also that my NAV1 module from Opencockpits “disappeared” sometimes – the 7 segments went off. So I have installed a powered USB HUB between the machine and the OC modules.

– On my EFIS the “STA” Button was not workin anymore. I had to disassemble the the EFIS and repair it

– Registration decals on the captains side were mounted

No other improvements were made, but a lot of flying 🙂

Building a 737-800 Homecockpit [OE-LNJ]