Flight Videos

During the last online flight from LGAV to LGKR this nice short video was created. You can “feel” the turning of the aircraft now. Thats really nice with the curved screen setup.

Here you can see the full flight video. The camera position is not that optimal current. I will work to find a new position soon that you can enjoy also the videos from a good perspective.

Visual Setup 2.0

During the last weeks I was working to refine the visual setup. With one projector it was not possible to achieve the wanted result.

Therefore I bought another Optoma GT1080 Projector and built a ceiling construction where the projectors are mounted.


After hours of understanding the Immersive Display Pro Software and a help from a friend we got the following result.

Not bad. With the applied blending you can not see the overlapped projected pictures. Its not perfect right now, finetuning is still needed, but a good way to go.

Curved Screen update

During the last days I was extensively working on the curved screen.

First all the 5 holders were placed. Those are from Ikea, called Stolmen.

Then a white strong fabric was placed on the holders. Thanks to my wife who supported me there a lot.


After the fabric was placed the new projector, an Optoma GT1080, was placed into position. Around 2m away from the screen.

Then the hard part started. The calibration.

As you can see below the testpattern from the projector itself is of course on fitting to the curved screen.


Therefore you need a picture wraping software. I took the trial version from Fly Elise, called Immersive Display Pro. With this software you can do a mapping to any kind of a screen. In the picture below you can see a sample of mapping points, those can be extended to 64×64 roster.

not good calibrated screen. You can clearly see a lot of waves
Immersive Display Pro – Calibration grid

After couple of hours you an see the difference. Not quite perfect now, but better as I started.

Better, but still not perfect

During the Vatsim Cross the pond event 2016 (Westbound) I took a short hop from Montreal to Toronto with the curved screen and I can tell you *wow* thats a nice feeling. Still not perfect aligned, but flyable.

The only lack is, that the picture is of course not as sharp as on a Monitor or a plane projection screen. But this seems to be normal…

Curved Screen Visual Setup planning

Current I am in the phase of planning a curved screen setup.

The goal is to have a nice view from the Captains seat without the windows on the left and right. Maybe this will be added with a second projector later.

As projector a Optoma GT1080 is planned.

I found a very nice guy who is helping my with the calculations so that I can continue with the plan. During the calculations we came to the conclusion that this goal can be archived with one projector.

Next step will be to realize the curved screen. I will keep the updates on the blog here.

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