Disassembling – Day 4

Today we have managed to move the whole MIP and Overhead.

Therefore we had to unmount the MIP in a lot of handy parts, load it into cars, unload and rebuild it.

Hey, we where good. Only 17 screws left when we finished to rebuilt it 🙂 We have absolutely no clue where we missed those screws…

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A very big thank to my brother and father to help me moving all the stuff.

Disassembling – Day 2

Today I have removed all USB, LAN, power and other connections were the PCs and other stuff was attached.

It took around 3 hours to get those untangeld. I sorted the cables and put them into a storage.

Some annunciator had to be disconnected from the LED cards because they were directly wired, such as the front panels from the MIP.

All cables removed

The next step will be to disassemble the whole MIP, this is scheduled for friday.

Last full-working setup picture

Here is a last picture from my homecockpit setup before it will get dismounted and stored in a save place until the new house is ready to rebuild the homecockpit in a seperate room.

The disassembling will start next week.

I will do one last flight rotation today from LOWW-LOWI-LOWW.

After the last rotation @Austrian Technical Base – LOWW.

Cold & Dark

2013-01-12 18.13.04

New Year, New Goals…

I have good and sad news for you and myself.

The good first: We will start building our new house this year and there will be also a seperate room available for my Homecockpit.

The plans are that also a shell will be built around the current sim. In the final version there will be three projectors running the cockpit. But this will take the next few years to have this installed as planned.

Now the sad news: As the house we are currently living in must be demolished to have the place to build the new one, the homecockpit must be stored in a safe place. Also some modifications and repairing will take place on the seperate modules.

I will start during January with the seperation of all the modules. Of course I will take photos and update the blog here with the progress.

If all plans are proceeding well in late 2014  / beginning 2015 the sim will be up and running again with a basic shell around it.

During this time I will continue flying as often as it will be possible on my spare setup.