GSX menue on lower EICAS

A long time I have searched how to move the gsx menue away from the curved projection screen for convenience. Now I found a solution hinted in the Prosim forum. A simple lua script from Pete Dowson is the solution. This lua script generates all kind of stuff on another machine via WideFS. You can select between Weather updates, all text, all menus etc. So I tried it and this is the result.

Via the FMC and ProsimUtils you can control the GSX menue and now the menue is displayed as an overlay on the lower EICAS.

The only drawback is the you have to start WideFS on this machine as the last software to allow the overlay. This needed some adoption of my startup routine on this machine. But finally the captain and the first officer can see and interact with the menue. Sadly it’s not touchable, as my lower EICAS is a touchscreen.

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