Weather Radar updgraded

During the release of ProSimv2 I also noticed the possibility of a weather radar test.

My switch from the radar was not working correctly, so I thought it is defect. Therefore I have disassembled the whole module and tested all switches. I found a failure in the cabling which I made many years ago.

I took the opportunity to correct this and install 2 new potentiometers for the Gain control. I only connected one side, the left side, as current ProSim only supports one weather radar. There is information

available that they will support 2 independent radars in the future, but I don’t see a benefit in in currently. Technically I have the possibility to connect this as all switches and potentiometers are working.

As it is a separate panel which I can not modify physically I had to use hot glue (a lot) to fix the 2 potentiometers from the back of the module. Once the glue is dry it holds massively 🙂

During the implementation I found that there are connectors for 5 volts. After some help from 2 guys in the ProSim forum it was clear that this is an original panel, made back in 1990.

With the backlight attached it looks like this now. Wow, very cool and original 😉

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