Prosim 2.0 Update

Prosim-AR released a new updated version of their software on the 1st January 2018. Prosim737v2. There were a lot of changes in it. First the update model was modified, means that you need an annual subscription to get the latest updates. Same as Navigraph, etc. If you decide not to continue the subscription you can use the software of course.
The migration from v1 to v2 is free for user who already had a v1 licensed.

The migration went quite fine for me. I backed up all the Prosim folders on the machines and then update normal with the “update from zip file”. The config file is the same, so no changes need to be made.

I took this opportunity to clean up my old SIOC scripts. I had a lot of redundancies in there which were long ago implemented into Prosim directly. So those got removed.

New with V2 is the SELCAL support. I will implement this option in the next week into the flightdeck.

The flight model is now also part of the suite and was updated to P3Dv4 dynamic lighting as well. I will continue to use the new model in the P3Dv3 version as the dynamic lighting draws back around 10fps on my setup.

One other great feature they have introduced last year in the A320 is now available in the B737 as well, network hardware connector. With this you can connect for example USB Cards (Leo Bodnar, Pokeys, etc.) to another machine and Prosim Server will see it and you can assign the functions on those.

If you have not much to do with SIOC scripting you can use the new SIOC direct driver which takes care of all you Opencockpits modules directly within Prosim. Also a nice feature. I decided to stay on the IOCP connection, because my scripts are slightly modified and the setup is running fine.

Last but not least, also a B737-700 and Wedgetail model is now officially released. The -700 with some nice BBJ liveries.

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