Painting the shell

During the last days we have started an finished painting the shell. Outside as well as inside.

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After the base color the RAL9002 was applied inside the cockpit. After that the RAL7011.

2015-09-16 18.08.50
1st time paint with RAL9002 and RAL7011

After the 1st paint a second layer was applied.

2015-09-21 19.49.49
finished paint of the flighdeck

Outside of the cockpit the door was painted in RAL7011 and the walls left and right from the door in RAL9002 to have not a whole dark front in the room.

2015-09-21 18.44.22
Flightdeck door

The glareshield was painted in black and the plankings on the side in white.

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