One thought on “new visitor deck on Vienna’s airport”

  1. Hi, I viewed with interest your video showing the SPKR Sw operating on your OpenCockpits Audio Panel/s.

    Up till now I have spent the last 2yrs modifying FDS ACPs & building circuitry to emulate all functions provided by the Audio Panels.

    However because of consistent issue I bought the Master & Slave combo ACPs from OpenCockpits to look for ideas.

    I’ve only just received them but already don’t know how to Pwr them or make them operational.

    I had already emailed them but seems they’re a little slow.
    I wondered if you wouldn’t mind helping me little on that note?

    I am using Sim-Avionics. These are USB PNP. The Master & Slave are connected via 2 x Ribbon cables. Only the Master has a USB connection & 5v.

    Also I’m wondering if all of the Volume POTS on yours are as loose & flimsy feeling like they might just fall off, as they feel on mine?

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