Further Steps

First of all, I wish you a happy new year 2011. Initially we want to be at the new years eve in New York, but doe to the Blizzards in New York on the 26/27th December, all flight were canceled, so we were rebooked to Toronto and became a free upgrade to business class 😉 New years eve we spent with family in Montreal.

Now to the near future work in my cockpit.

1) I want to really start with the gear leveler during the next days

2) The APU start switch will be changed to a real one – Off – On – (Start), so that the start section is only momentary.

3) FMC Lights (MSG, DSPLY, OFFSET) will be wired – therefore I need 3 voltage converters, because the Opencockpit FMC is prepared for Master Cards and not for USB Output cards

More future: A throttle Unit to be built (non-motorized) – but I didn’t started the planning yet.

As you see, expect more frequent updates during the next weeks.

Building a 737-800 Homecockpit [OE-LNJ]