One year stats

I started the Cockpit project now more than one year ago, in October 2009.

During the last year the webpage was visited over 6.300 times. WOW.

Beginning only with the idea of building an overhead panel I have now a “full” homecockpit in my room. Ok, full is not 100% correct, the pedestal and the throttle is missing. Those will be built in the next months.

The cockpit is ready to fly and made a lot of flights including an 8 hour transatlantic flight during the VATSIM cross the pond event 2010.

The Gear Leveler is delayed during some time issues, but all the required hardware is aquired and built. We need “only” build it together and connect it to the cockpit.

Today also all the controls were transfered from Windows Joystick inputs to FSUIPC control, that allows a much more accurate calibration to setup in FSUIPC. It allows also to configure the pedals as Tiller and Rudder function.

That’s all news for today :-).

Building a 737-800 Homecockpit [OE-LNJ]