Cross the pond eastbound – KJFK to EGCC

On 27th October 2018 the next CTP event was held on the Vatsim network.

I was flying from New York JFK to Manchester. Blocktime was 7hours and 21 minutes.

Here you can view the briefing package for my flight.  AUA364 KJFK-EGCC (27 Oct 2018) (627 downloads )

On the rainy gate on T5 in New York JFK
Service loading in progress

for more pictures and videos continue reading

Look at this amazing online traffic.

ready for pushback
taxiing down to the runway
in the queue

smooth weather on FL340
sunset over the atlantic ocean
getting passed by faster aircraft

parked in Manchester

In the album here, you can see some pictures I have taken during the flight.

And a 2:30min timelapse video is available as well.

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