2 pilots Vatsim online flight Vienna – Munich – Frankfurt

During the last weekend a friend visited me and we took the opportunity to fly some 2 pilots legs.
Today I want to present you 2 of them.
Both are with ATC on the Vatsim network and are mixed with some timelapse sections.

The first one takes us from the homebase of Austrian virtual, Vienna [LOWW] to Munich [EDDM]

The second one from Munich [EDDM] to Frankfurt [EDDF]

Enjoy the 2 flights with the nice ATC.

5 thoughts on “2 pilots Vatsim online flight Vienna – Munich – Frankfurt”

  1. Fantastic videos ! How do you record them or edit them so that CDU,PFD’s are all visible on a single screen ? any tips on that ?

  2. I am using xSplit to record them. PFD is running also on the xSplit machine. My CDU machine is also running xSplit and sending the selected part of the screen via a protocol to the other xSplit machine as an input source.
    I will post a separate blog post about the streaming setup during the next week.

  3. Another question would be, which app are you using for the wet compass on the overhead ? Is it running on an iPhone or similar ? Best Regards from Istanbul

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